I’m currently on an adventure, developing my personal aesthetic and for the first time in a long while I really feel like I am on the right path for me. It is very exciting and also scary to be out in the world presenting myself with my own name on display. Right now I am concentrating on being an independent creative which means developing my collection of artwork and brand alongside thinking about my long term goals. Part of this is trying out new technologies such as working on a Wacom tablet (a very long wish of mine) which you can see in the self-doodle I did above.

I’ve also been experimenting with hand lettering, which I have found I love doing! I realized that I actually used to do a lot of hand lettering when I was younger (think 8-13sh) and really enjoyed it then as well. It’s funny how you forget about things and a tactile experience prompts those memories to come flooding back!

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