Alphabet Series – “F” is for

For my letter this week I actually went out of order! I had a great reason for it, I did the guest letter for Atelier LaLa‘s “ABCDienstag” this week and they are a bit ahead of me at “F” 🙂 Atelier LaLa is the online studio of five fabulous illustrators – frauknopp, Johanna Fritz, Isabelle Göntgen, Virginia Romo, and Vera Schmidt. Definitely check them out!

F… is for Ferret. And feathers! This was an obvious one for me – ferrets are adorable and some of my best friends are huge ferret lovers with a few of their own 🙂

Global Talent Showcase – Part Two

I recently did a showcase of fabulous journal cover designs from some of the “unsemi-finalists” (those that didn’t progress to round two) in Lilla Roger’s Global Talent Search competition. It didn’t take long to realize there was so much more beautiful work than could be contained in a single post! For this reason I have created a Global Talent Showcase Part Two 🙂 Please enjoy all the amazing creations below and learn more about each artist and their design process.
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“Sew, My Darling” – Spoonflower Fashion Contest

I am so excited to announce that my entry for this week’s Spoonflower fabric design contest “Sew, My Darling” has won! I am completely overwhelmed with the support everyone showed in their voting and the lovely feedback I have received 🙂 This was my second entry (well, technically third) in the SF weekly contest and I can’t express how encouraging it is to have such a positive reaction to the fact that I am now creating artwork in my own style!

My fabric design is currently for sale on Spoonflower and it is also available for this week only in a fat quarter bundle with the other 9 top fabrics. Sidenote – I’ve ordered strike-offs in a smaller repeat size for review, and also in two additional colorways which I will release after I make sure that everything looks like it should! Wahoo 😀 Spoonflower rocks!

Alphabet Series – “C” is for

I was super excited for my letter this week. I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I went with C.. for Cuttlefish. I LOVE CUTTLEFISH! I think they are completely adorable and fascinating creatures. They have super cool biology – a really unique look, are among the most intelligent invertebrates, and have chromatophores which allow them to change the color of their skin! They are magical.. 🙂 For my extra “C” element, I illustrated some clams to keep them company.

Alphabet Series – “B” is for

I present the next in my alphabet series. One letter a week seems to be working so far! I had many ideas for the letter B and sketched and inked a few of them. I am enjoying doing less conventional animals for my alphabet!

In the end I decided to go with B.. for Bison! And I added blueberries as well, just for some extra “B” oomph 🙂

Global Talent Showcase

The past few weeks have been full of excitement surrounding The Global Talent Search competition being held by Lilla Rogers’s Studio. The prizes are unprecedented – two years international representation by the studio, in addition to a stunning line up of contracts with highly coveted companies. For round one, entrants were given a project brief in which they designed a journal cover for a client like Paperchase, with an old-fashioned playground equipment theme. There were 1500 (that’s right!!) submissions from all over the world, and on August 1st the top 50 moving on to Round 2 were announced.

Being that there isn’t a public gallery to show off all the amazing creations that did not make it to Round 2, I thought it would be fabulous to have a mini-showcase of some of the “unsemi-finalist” designs and find out a bit more about how each artist created their piece! Please see below to enjoy all the beautiful work 🙂
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Alphabet Series – “A” is for

I’ve started a new alphabet art series! I’m going to attempt to do one letter a week and see how that goes. I’ll be creating my own hand lettering for each piece as well, so I look forward to finding words containing letters with interesting shapes to experiment with in addition to fun characters!

This week is brought to you by the letter A.. for Alpaca. Adorable animals! I really can’t get enough of them 🙂