Alphabet Series – “G” is for

It’s looking like while the semester is full-on, my alphabet posts will be every two weeks! I’m just glad I can still fit it in and also work on my surface pattern collection development 🙂 G… is for Gharial! And grapes, although the gharial is a carnivore (details, details). The gharial is a crocodilian native to the Indian subcontinent and is sadly critically endangered. They have a very long narrow jaw and the males have a hollow bulbous growth that develops on the end of their snouts. Apparently it allows them to make a hissing noise that can be heard from a kilometer away! They aren’t normally very fun colors so I took some creative liberties here.
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Blog Parade!

Through taking Lilla Rogers’s e-course, I have become part of a fabulous global online community of with so many amazing artists and illustrators I admire. It’s pretty special! Today some of us have joined together to create a blog parade – my first time participating in one ever (eek!). If you have stumbled upon me by way of the lovely Julia Glukhoy at Moogbee, I am glad to have you! She’s pretty fabulous isn’t she?

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A little about me – I love to create fun, quirky artwork that is full of whimsy. Please feel free to check out my portfolio, or to browse this blog and learn a bit about my process and creative aesthetic. I post weekly projects including my “Unconventional Animal Alphabet” series (letter E was this past week), pattern designs, and other fun stuff 🙂 I’m currently working hard on developing new surface pattern collections and planning out some exciting sustainable products I’m designing and possibly producing myself for my upcoming online shop (date tbd!).

I hope you enjoyed your time with me, it was lovely to have you visit! Now hop on over to the Floating Lemons blog to check out Mariana’s work 🙂

Alphabet Series – “E” is for

For my letter this week, I chose a creature that is not very cute in reality so I made sure they had much sweeter expressions than their real-life counterparts. E … is for Eel! For my other pieces, I’ve added a second organic element that starts with the same letter as my unconventional creature and also fits somewhat within the environment (C for Cuttlefish + Clams, etc.). I had a harder time with the letter E so I decided to do something a little different and illustrate envelopes! Everyone loves to get mail, why wouldn’t an eel as well (if they were ever so inclined)? 🙂

Alphabet Series – “D” is for

It’s been very busy now that the semester has started so I wasn’t able to complete a new letter in my unconventional animal alphabet series last week. Luckily I’ve been getting bits and pieces done when I can spare the time and was able to finish it today! This one is a very hilarious creature that I had no idea existed until recently..

D… is for Dik-Dik (and for daisies)! This is a tiny antelope that lives in Africa – when I say tiny I mean 12-16 inches high! It is an amazing and charming little creature with very interesting facial markings and a hilarious elongated snout that help them keep cool in extreme heat. The name “dik-dik” comes from the sound they make when they are alarmed! I decided to draw female versions here which is why they do not have horns. Do a search on your internet browser to see some real images of them, you will fall in love! Or you could watch a video 🙂 (I’ll just leave a link to one right here)
I need one of these in my life! ❤

Pluvial Crockery – Textile Collection

School starts back up again this week and life is just a little hectic right now! Because of that, I’m not sure when I will be finishing the next letter in my unconventional alphabet series so I decided to share some textile designs I did this summer. I actually showed the preliminary drawings back in my first week post about Lilla Roger’s MATS course! The patterns are themed around mushrooms and pyrex, with a vintage vibe. My original intention was to design for bolt fabric but I think these could be applied to a variety of products. Lots of icons to work with 🙂 This collection is called “Pluvial Crockery.”
image-pluvial-1 image-pluvial-2image-pluvial-3