Lilla Rogers’ MATS Course – Week 3: Scrapbooking

The subject of study for Lilla Rogers’ MATS e-course last week was Scrapbooking! The market has really exploded since my first encounters as a child – no longer just traditional patterns and artwork, it also contains very quirky, stylized, and trendy themes as well. Something for everyone! The products available go beyond sheets of beautifully printed paper, now including things like stickers, stamps, buttons, and crafted paper cut-outs.
Our assignment this week was to interpret the theme of cameras and typewriters, both objects that record events in our lives, and create a page of art that could be used for a scrapbooking collection. I had a fabulous time! As you can see, I channeled the vintage incarnations of cameras (analog rocks!) and typewriters alongside a variety of memory evoking lettering and related objects. I wanted to give a scrapbooker the ability to put their own photo images inside the Polaroid and film illustrations lower on the page, so I made them into frames instead of adding my own illustrations inside. I also took the opportunity to play a lot more with color and adding texture on this artwork and am quite happy with the results! I will definitely be doing more of that in my future work 🙂

I’m also taking part in a monthly blog parade link-up with a few of my very talented MATS classmates, you can check out all their posts on Linda Tieu’s blog here!

Back to School – Lilla Rogers’ MATS Course Week 1-2

Two(ish) weeks ago, I started Part B of the e-course Make Art that Sells by the fabulous Lilla Rogers. If you are familiar with my blog, you may recognize the name from earlier this year when I took Part A of the MATS course. It was an absolutely fantastic experience, so when the second session was available for registration I knew I wanted to join again! Part B focuses on 5 new markets (one for every week of the course): Paper, Baby/Children’s Apparel & Decor, Scrapbooking, Editorial, and Party Paper.

I was full of excitement to get started, but unfortunately after the first few days of class I had to divert my focus to a family emergency and the passing of someone I was close to. I wasn’t able to finish my first week project yet – Christmas greeting card designs; or my second week – camping themed graphics or prints for children’s wear, but I do have my preliminary artwork inked up which you can see below. I will eventually get caught up and make sure to post my work on here once I do!

The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap

This year I’m participating in The Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap for the first time! It’s a really fabulous idea from the mind behind Do What You Love, Beth Kempton, and already in its sixth year. Participants are given a theme, “Celebrate” being this year, and everyone creates a postcard interpreting the idea in their own way. Aside from staying within the theme, the only rule is that it needs to have some type of stitching on it. You are assigned a random partner, could be anyone from anywhere in the world, and mail out your design to them (and vice versa). Pretty cool right?I decided to create all original artwork so it was a bit timely but I’m happy I did it from scratch. I first did some pencil drawings of cake variations and also of the text which was hand lettered. These were then inked up, scanned, and worked on digitally. After I figured out the layout on the computer, I decided to print directly on to my fabric using my home inkjet printer. It’s actually pretty easy, especially if you iron butcher’s paper to the fabric back to stiffen it so it will run through the printer. After few issues with getting it to feed through, I figured out the best process to make it work and it printed with very crisp artwork – yay!

I added hand embroidered details, but didn’t completely fill the artwork with stitches because I thought the interplay of the minimal embroidery and base fabric worked quite nicely. It was a good chance to practice my french knots again 🙂 Once I finished all the stitching, I applied interfacing to the back and did a less complicated design for the other postcard side on felt (I skipped a photo because the front is much more interesting!), finishing up by sewing everything together by machine.

I had fun making this project and I really enjoyed the new experience of using my artwork for a craft like this. I hope my partner enjoys what I’ve created – I can’t wait to see what arrives in my mail box!