Alphabet Series – “K” is for

Last week I was working very hard on a project so I missed my unconventional animal alphabet for the week! K is for knives and a curious parrot called the Kakapo. They are strange and unique creatures, also the rarest and heaviest parrots in the world, weighing up to 8 pounds!! They give off what is described as a powerful, yet pleasant sweet musty scent – very curious to know what that is like.. Kakapos are nocturnal and the only parrots that are flightless, with a life span of around 95 years but living up to 120 years. Unfortunately, they are critically endangered but there are conservation efforts being implemented in which surviving Kakapo are being kept on predator-free islands in New Zealand. You can find out more about that on the Kakapo Recovery website! Oh my goodness, you can actually adopt one if you want! How cute are these guys?

Also, this is a HILARIOUS video from BBC of a Kakapo attempting to mate with the head of a zoologist while Stephen Fry stands by.

Alphabet Series – “J” is for

For the letter “J” in my unconventional animal alphabet series I found a highly amusing and curious looking animal called the Jeroba and added some jalapenos for snacking on. In my opinion, the Jeroba looks like a hybrid of a rabbit, kangaroo, and mouse! All this in a very small package with their bodies at 5 to 15 cm in length (the tails are an additional 7 to 25 cm). They have disproportionate legs and use these with their tails to move around by jumping! And jump they can – up to 6 to 7 feet in height and 10 feet in length. Their ears can vary in size with various species, but here I have drawn the Long-Eared Jeroba which has exceptional large ears 🙂 BBC has a cool video here that shows a Jerboa in its natural habitat.

Alphabet Series – “I” is for

I am on the letter “I” for my unconventional animal alphabet series this week. I decided to showcase a bird called the Ibis.. and Ice Cream (of course!). Ibises have been present in various mythologies and legends around the world, but the most familiar may be the Ibis as a symbol of the god Thoth by the Ancient Egyptians. They are also considered carnivores, which I found interesting. We can pretend some of the ice cream are grasshopper and fish flavored!