Editorial Illustration – Meditation Theme

Last week I had the amazing experience of attending Surtex to walk the show and meet so many of my lovely and absolutely inspiring artist friends in person. The booths were beautiful, artwork mind-blowing, and everyone I spoke to was so gracious and wonderful, going out of their way to share their experiences and give advice about the show and industry. And on the same floor the National Stationary Show was taking place with a whole extra level of product and design to fall in love with. Wow! I’m still processing the events of the trip a week later!

While this was going on, I was wondering if it would be possible to do the May Bootcamp Assignment in time for the deadline. Well, I’m happy to report that I was able to finish! This month, the theme was editorial illustration for an article called How to Meditate: A Primer for People Who Don’t Like to Meditate and needed to contain a human figure in some way. Now, if you are familiar with my blog and work you may have noticed there is a distinctive lack of human beings, so I knew this was going to be an interesting departure from my normal content. I think that the end result turned out pretty great though, and my figure is very representative of my style. This is “The Mind Wanders.” I feel so much inspired by finishing this project I’ve been drawing people non-stop! Watch this space 🙂

The gallery is now live to see everyone’s great work for May Bootcamp and you can check it out here!

4 thoughts on “Editorial Illustration – Meditation Theme

    • Thanks Linda! And thanks for continuing the link-up, it’s a wonderful way to see everyone’s work! 🙂

  1. Hiya Ashley, Love this blog link-up, such a great idea. You know I love the fluidity you achieved in this piece. Can’t wait to see more of your people drawings! 🙂

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