New Artwork: Lake Series – Lake Winnipeg

I am working on a new art series of geographical bodies of water – specifically lakes. The first one I’ve created is Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, a place a spent a lot of time visiting as I was growing up. It’s also one of the largest fresh water lakes in the entire world! All the text here is entirely hand-lettered and of my own design. I enjoyed researching all the different parts of the Lake to find the words I wanted to use to create the border of wording. I started with the names of the larger islands and bays, and also any areas that were of significance. After that I added in smaller areas and ones that had interesting names.

Film Theme Graphic T-Shirt Artwork

I recently submitted a concept for the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival’s official t-shirt this year! Mine didn’t get chosen, but I still think the artwork reads as a strong representation of the theme. I decided to concentrate more on vintage aspects – old school tickets, film canisters and reels, and some retro looking food packaging! My design is called “Night at the Movies.”