Alphabet Series – “I” is for

I am on the letter “I” for my unconventional animal alphabet series this week. I decided to showcase a bird called the Ibis.. and Ice Cream (of course!). Ibises have been present in various mythologies and legends around the world, but the most familiar may be the Ibis as a symbol of the god Thoth by the Ancient Egyptians. They are also considered carnivores, which I found interesting. We can pretend some of the ice cream are grasshopper and fish flavored! 

Alphabet Series – “H” is for

I have been working on my unconventional animal alphabet series again! This week I have completed H for Hyena (Spotted to be exact).. and hot dogs! The hyena has a strangely proportioned body and can be quite scary looking, so it took me a little while to come up with a drawn interpretation that I was pleased with. Hyenas have traits (genetic and behavioral) that are both feline and canine, which is pretty unique! Spotted Hyenas have less glorious manes than the other species of hyena but sometimes they do look like little mohawks.. I felt it was an important detail to add 🙂

Alphabet Series – “G” is for

It’s looking like while the semester is full-on, my alphabet posts will be every two weeks! I’m just glad I can still fit it in and also work on my surface pattern collection development 🙂 G… is for Gharial! And grapes, although the gharial is a carnivore (details, details). The gharial is a crocodilian native to the Indian subcontinent and is sadly critically endangered. They have a very long narrow jaw and the males have a hollow bulbous growth that develops on the end of their snouts. Apparently it allows them to make a hissing noise that can be heard from a kilometer away! They aren’t normally very fun colors so I took some creative liberties here.
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Alphabet Series – “E” is for

For my letter this week, I chose a creature that is not very cute in reality so I made sure they had much sweeter expressions than their real-life counterparts. E … is for Eel! For my other pieces, I’ve added a second organic element that starts with the same letter as my unconventional creature and also fits somewhat within the environment (C for Cuttlefish + Clams, etc.). I had a harder time with the letter E so I decided to do something a little different and illustrate envelopes! Everyone loves to get mail, why wouldn’t an eel as well (if they were ever so inclined)? 🙂

Alphabet Series – “D” is for

It’s been very busy now that the semester has started so I wasn’t able to complete a new letter in my unconventional animal alphabet series last week. Luckily I’ve been getting bits and pieces done when I can spare the time and was able to finish it today! This one is a very hilarious creature that I had no idea existed until recently..

D… is for Dik-Dik (and for daisies)! This is a tiny antelope that lives in Africa – when I say tiny I mean 12-16 inches high! It is an amazing and charming little creature with very interesting facial markings and a hilarious elongated snout that help them keep cool in extreme heat. The name “dik-dik” comes from the sound they make when they are alarmed! I decided to draw female versions here which is why they do not have horns. Do a search on your internet browser to see some real images of them, you will fall in love! Or you could watch a video 🙂 (I’ll just leave a link to one right here)
I need one of these in my life! ❤

Alphabet Series – “F” is for

For my letter this week I actually went out of order! I had a great reason for it, I did the guest letter for Atelier LaLa‘s “ABCDienstag” this week and they are a bit ahead of me at “F” 🙂 Atelier LaLa is the online studio of five fabulous illustrators – frauknopp, Johanna Fritz, Isabelle Göntgen, Virginia Romo, and Vera Schmidt. Definitely check them out!

F… is for Ferret. And feathers! This was an obvious one for me – ferrets are adorable and some of my best friends are huge ferret lovers with a few of their own 🙂

Alphabet Series – “C” is for

I was super excited for my letter this week. I knew exactly what I wanted to do! I went with C.. for Cuttlefish. I LOVE CUTTLEFISH! I think they are completely adorable and fascinating creatures. They have super cool biology – a really unique look, are among the most intelligent invertebrates, and have chromatophores which allow them to change the color of their skin! They are magical.. 🙂 For my extra “C” element, I illustrated some clams to keep them company.

Alphabet Series – “B” is for

I present the next in my alphabet series. One letter a week seems to be working so far! I had many ideas for the letter B and sketched and inked a few of them. I am enjoying doing less conventional animals for my alphabet!

In the end I decided to go with B.. for Bison! And I added blueberries as well, just for some extra “B” oomph 🙂

Alphabet Series – “A” is for

I’ve started a new alphabet art series! I’m going to attempt to do one letter a week and see how that goes. I’ll be creating my own hand lettering for each piece as well, so I look forward to finding words containing letters with interesting shapes to experiment with in addition to fun characters!

This week is brought to you by the letter A.. for Alpaca. Adorable animals! I really can’t get enough of them 🙂