Alphabet Series – “D” is for

It’s been very busy now that the semester has started so I wasn’t able to complete a new letter in my unconventional animal alphabet series last week. Luckily I’ve been getting bits and pieces done when I can spare the time and was able to finish it today! This one is a very hilarious creature that I had no idea existed until recently..

D… is for Dik-Dik (and for daisies)! This is a tiny antelope that lives in Africa – when I say tiny I mean 12-16 inches high! It is an amazing and charming little creature with very interesting facial markings and a hilarious elongated snout that help them keep cool in extreme heat. The name “dik-dik” comes from the sound they make when they are alarmed! I decided to draw female versions here which is why they do not have horns. Do a search on your internet browser to see some real images of them, you will fall in love! Or you could watch a video 🙂 (I’ll just leave a link to one right here)
I need one of these in my life! ❤