Pluvial Crockery – Textile Collection

School starts back up again this week and life is just a little hectic right now! Because of that, I’m not sure when I will be finishing the next letter in my unconventional alphabet series so I decided to share some textile designs I did this summer. I actually showed the preliminary drawings back in my first week post about Lilla Roger’s MATS course! The patterns are themed around mushrooms and pyrex, with a vintage vibe. My original intention was to design for bolt fabric but I think these could be applied to a variety of products. Lots of icons to work with 🙂 This collection is called “Pluvial Crockery.”
image-pluvial-1 image-pluvial-2image-pluvial-3

Lilla Rogers Studio School: Make Art That Sells – Week 1

This week I began the long anticipated e-course Make Art That Sells organized by Beth Kempton, and instructed by the AMAZING Lilla Rogers, of Lilla Rogers Studio, a woman I have major respect and admiration for. The class explores 5 different markets: bolt fabric, home decor, children’s picture books, wall art, and gift, has intensive weekly assignments, and alongside insights and lessons with Lilla, there are also a bunch of amazing guests that are experts, successful professionals, and agents from these industries.

In addition, there are so many people taking the class alongside me whose work I recognize, blogs I already follow, and art that I have been admiring for a while now. The level of talent in the group is absolutely insane! And not limited to a specific area of art either, I was enamored with the range of hand craft, fine art, and digital. It’s wonderful to be in such a lively community with support and encouragement.

I knew this class would be intensive and the first week did not disappoint. I started late by a few days, so it was a bit of a scramble to get caught up but ended up finishing my first assignment with time to spare! This week was based around the bolt fabric industry and we got to explore the inspiration of vintage Pyrex style casserole dishes and mushrooms for our assignment. The combination of a geometric subject and an organic one was an interesting project, and I had a great time doing my hand sketches. In the past I almost always started my textile patterns and illustrations directly on the computer, aside from some initial quick doodles for reference (my hand done illustrations were saved for other types of work). The past few weeks I have been concentrating on closing the void between my hand drawn artwork and that of my digital so this assignment was perfect for me. A sneak peek at some of my mushroom illustrations are below!

My conclusions for the first week:

  • As I expected, Lilla is an inspired and compelling teacher, and she knows her stuff! Based off this week I know that I will have an amazing collection of work once I finish this course, and have an even more solid plan going forward.
  • The lessons are extremely well planned, written out, timed in terms of release to the class and deadlines, and inspiring. I was discussing the course today and mentioned that if this was a university, every graduate would be at the top of their field! We were also given a very clear schedule as to what lessons would be available on what days, due dates/times, and encouraged to use a provided schedule in order to allot the amount of time we want to dedicate to the course. Very useful!
  • The talent in this class is immense. It’s almost inexpressible how much brilliance is combined in one classroom! I think only someone like Lilla could bring so many amazing artists together in this way.
  • I am excited to start week 2!