“The Snail and the Rose Tree” Book Cover Illustration

Last week in Lilla Roger’s class was children’s book illustration week! As I talked about in my previous post our main assignment was to illustrate the cover or a two-page spread for the melancholy story by Hans Christian Andersen, “The Snail and the Rose Tree.” This is what I came up with! The artwork was done using traditional mediums (gouache, ink, and conte), then compiled in Photoshop. The lettering is also all hand done with the tablet, although I did play with using painted typography as well.

In my interpretation, the snail is brightly colored and his expression is the only sour looking thing about him here. In the story, the snail constantly states his grand plans to do something amazing and evolve beyond everyone else, criticizing the rose tree for *simply* making beautiful flower, but in the end does nothing with his life. I wanted to enhance his verbal remarks and show him as “peacocking” in a manner of sorts through the colors and patterns on his body. This was fun but took quite a while to get a hold of my concept! I’d like to try some more of my own story adaptations 🙂

Lilla Roger’s MATS: Week 3 – Children’s Books!

Wow, this week has been intense! The theme is children’s book illustration, which is super exciting because it is firstly a really appealing area of design with all the cute characters and stories to depict, but also because of the ability for style to be so individualized with less boundaries. The interpretations to story itself, the emotions and expressions we decide to depict, and the layout including typography really is a very personal process. What I have seen of my other classmates work this week is mind blowing and so unique, not one project looking like any other. Which you might not expect with a class so large as ours, I mean surely a few might resemble one another. But no! One person even did needle-felting on linen this week.. Mind blown 🙂

We started the week drawing snails! Snails in different poses, with different expressions, in different mediums. The main assignment ended up being a cover or two page spread for the short, and somewhat depressing story, “The Snail and the Rose Tree” by Hans Christian Andersen. In addition, we got to create our own lettering for the titles! As with my designs from last week, I decided to keep working in traditional mediums instead of digital, even though digital is my comfort zone and I basically haven’t painted in over ten years since last week! I even busted out my Conté, which hasn’t seen the light of day in a few years. Color! Fabulous color!

Here are some snail studies from this week. Once finding what the story was actually about, I had to reconsider how happy all the snails I had been creating were, but it was still a ton of fun! And I have a bunch of characters I can continue with on and create other artwork with.

Some of the custom typography that I experimented with.
This one cracks me up!

I really have a surplus of work from this week, this is only a selection. I burned through probably half of my sketchbook in less than 7 days! Feels good to be so inspired and challenged 🙂