Silk Screening Adventures

Last month I had a chance to flex my silk-screening skills and create some fabric using original graphics made just for this project! I have made placement, simple repeats, and two-color prints using my trusty (and at times, frustrating) YUDU but this was the first time I attempting doing a repeat with such thin and fiddly artwork, and at such size!

The first is a topography inspired pattern and the second is the life-cycle of a frog, both on really pretty linens. On the frog pattern I tried to add some texture with a small dot pattern inside the frog and the tadpole but I found the mesh on my screens too big to do it properly. It still gives a cool looking texture though, so I was happy with it.The final pieces were larger than fat quarters but smaller than a yard (I can’t precisely remember the measurements but it was a lot of work).

Definitely want to try screening some of my original patterns again! It’s pretty gratifying doing everything yourself from scratch sometimes, if you don’t loose your mind in the process 🙂