Simon & Schuster x Star Trek – San Diego Comic Con 2013 Sweepstakes!

Image Property of Simon & Schuster

This past April, my Tricorder inspired purse and tutorial were published in Angie Pedersen’s The Star Trek Craft Book: Make It So! (2013). The publisher, Simon & Schuster, is doing an amazing giveaway in honor of San Diego Comic Con 2013 which starts this week! Included are copies of The Star Trek Craft Book, the Star Trek Cross-Stitch Book, and all kinds of awesome Star Trek crafted prizes including a Tricorder purse which I made myself! I was supposed to be attending SDCC this year but my plans changed last minute so I am excited to be able to contribute to the fun even from up North. The awesome thing is that you also don’t need to attend Comic-Con to enter, just fill out the contest form here on the publisher’s website:

Good Luck! Or.. Live Long and Prosper 🙂

Featured In : The Star Trek Craft Book: Make It So! (2013)

I am very excited to announce that my Star Trek inspired Tricorder purse design, including a full pattern, tutorial, and my personal “log”, have been published in The Star Trek Craft Book: Make It So! by Angie Pedersen which was released April 30th, 2013. The official description from the publisher:

Create 25 unique Star Trek–inspired crafts with The Star Trek Craft Book! Whether you’re a “Trekker in Training” or a seasoned craft whiz, you’ll find a project in these pages to pique your interest.These fun, quirky, and even practical crafts range from accessories to décor to toys. Boldly experiment with a variety of crafting projects, including crochet, sewing, embroidery, felting, and much more. Each project is ranked according to complexity and skill level—from Ensign to Admiral—and accompanied by easy to follow instructions and photos. Full of Star Trek facts and imagery, crafty tips, and fun, The Star Trek Craft Book is perfect for Star Trek fans and enterprising crafters alike.

The book is widely available (including Amazon and Chapters/Indigo) if you wanted to check it out for yourself! There are many interesting crafts from other contributors and all kinds of cool facts and images from the franchise. What a great experience! I would love to be involved in more projects like this in the future.